before booking, please read our terms and conditions below

1. General information and definitions

Bookings are made with us, Hovra Vandrarhem AB (org nr 559422-6572, MOMS nr SE559422657201). These conditions describe both the bookings made to our Vandarhem/B&B (accomodation bookings) and for package arrangements such as accommodation combined with another service (ie a guided tour).

Accommodation booking refers to the booking of a room or rooms in the Vandrarhem/B&B without booking additional services or activities such as (un)guided hikes, outdoor courses or tours with third party companies booked through us. Customers booking only accommodation will be referred to as guests in these Booking Conditions.

Hovra Vandrarhem provides package arrangements where guests can book multiple assets of a trip. As an example, this can consist of accommodation, a hike provided by a guide from Hovra Vandrarhem or a Husky Tour booked through Hovra Vandrarhem with a third party company. Customers booking a package arrangement will be referred to as travelers in these Booking Conditions.

2. Booking

Accommodation bookings can be made in two ways:
– Directly to us: using our website, telephone or email.
– Through Additional terms may apply, you can read them here.

When making reservations for accommodation, payment will be done on location when making reservations directly through us, or in advance when using

Package arrangements

Booking a package arrangement can only be done directly trough Hovra Vandrarhem. After accepting the booking for a package arrangement we will send you a confirmation and the invoice. Within 14 days, a deposit consisting of 25% of the total sum will have to be paid. The remaining amount is to be paid no later than 30 days prior to the trip starting date. On bookings that are made within 30 days of the starting date the amount is to be paid directly.

All package arrangement payments shall be made to the account number stated on the invoice.

3. Cancellations / changes

For accommodation bookings:

Guests can cancel free of charge up to 5 days prior to the date of stay. If a guest cancels between 5 days prior and the date of stay, the night will be fully charged. If the booking consists of multiple nights, the first night is charged.

When making changes in reservations, for example changing the date of arrival or the number of guests, there will be no extra charge or fee. Differences in pricing due to changing from low to high season (or vice versa) or changing the number of guests per room will be changed as usual.

For package arrangements:

When a cancellation is made by the traveler the following terms and amounts apply:
a. 30 days or more prior to start: the deposit (25% of total sum) is charged as cancelation fee.
b. 30 to 14 days prior to start: 50% of the total sum is charged
c. 14 days to start of trip: 75% of total sum is charged
d. On the starting day of the trip or later: the full (100%) sum is charged.

If a traveler is not able to participate in the complete trip, a substitute can be arranged by the traveler. There will be no cancelation fee if a substitute is found, although a administrative fee of 250SEK is charged.

For some package arrangements there is a minimum amount of participants. The traveler will be informed of this amount before booking. Hovra Vandrarhem has he right to cancel a trip if the minimum amount of participants is not met within 14 days prior to the start of the trip. In some cases this period can be different, this will be stated clearly on the trip information provided to the traveler before booking. The traveler and Hovra Vandrarhem will try to find a fitting alternative in consultation, or the traveler will receive a restitution of the paid sum.

4. During the package arrangement

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, part of the trip cannot be executed as planned Hovra Vandrarhem will look for a suitable alternative in consultation with the traveler. If no suitable alternative is available the traveler will be eligible for a restitution of a proportionate part of the travel sum.

If (part of) the trip is not as expected, complaints will be communicated directly and without any delay to the designated contact from Hovra Vandrarhem. Hovra Vandrarhem will come up with a solution right away so the traveler can continue the trip.